How To Donate

There are several ways to donate:

Text donate Text up to £10 to 70070. The text message should say MEAK11 then a space and then the amount you wish to donate.
For example, to donate £10 you would text "MEAK11 10" to 70070.

Donte online Through JustGiving by entering

Cheque donation Send a cheque to MEAK at 134 Welcomes Road, Kenley, Surrey, CR8 5HH

Donate via Charities cheque Send a Charities Aid Foundation cheque to MEAK

Donate monthly By setting up a standing order to pay regular monthly amount to MEAK

PayPal donation Donate via PayPal

Donate monthly Please consider completing our Gift Aid form which can be downloaded here.

Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give MEAK geats an extra 22 pence from the Inland Revenue - helping your donation go further. This means that when donations are made through Gift Aid, £100 can be turned into £122.

Imagine what a difference that could make - and it doesn't cost you a thing!